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Application Programming Interface


  • Both API's are accessible via POST and GET methods.
  • Both API's are accessible via http:// and https://

Android API

Documentation for the Android API

Conversions for DLS, PLSS, NTS and MGRS

This API started out as the backend for our Android java app, but over the last 12 years it has grown into a robust API that stands on it's own.

It is used by many clients using many different programming languages.


  1. The results output are easy to parse natively in any computer language
    (so there is no need to use or be dependant on a 3rd party library)
  2. A single interface for all conversions
  3. It is robust, fast, well tested and has been in production for over a decade


   • DLS Canada Dominion Land Survey
   • NTS Canada National Topographic System
   • FPS Canada Federal Permit System
   • PLSS US Public Land Survey System

GeoJSON is a data standard.

It is in the list of data formats by the Library of Congress recommended for long term data storage.

See our GeoJSON Cheat Sheet for information and reference links on the GeoJSON data format.

On the client side: Web Browsers and many GIS apps, tools and libraries can read GeoJSON.

On the server side: Many 3rd party GIS data providers on the web accept queries in a GeoJSON format.

Cloud Apps ie: "Salesforce CRM" has been successfully intergrated with our GeoJSON API.

Using a Web Proxy for Cross Domain Scripting

Modern Web Browsers do not allow XMLHttpRequest(); to request pages from another domain.

So if you want to incorporate GeoJSON results from's server into webpages from your server, you need to configure your web server to use a web proxy, which is no more than adding a few lines to your webserver config file.

How to Setup a Apache Reverse Proxy Server for Linux

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface.

An API is a set of clearly defined protocols that allows 2 computers to talk to each other.

Both the query sent and the results returned are in strictly defined formats.

Your application sends a query to the legal land server and gets back results.

The results are then combined with your data and further processed by your applications to deliver what you need.

This is all done quickly and automatically by the computers, without the error and expense of rekeying data.

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