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S2 T35N R21W Chisago County
Fourth Principal Extended

Convert Latitude and Longitude to PLSS

GPS Location
Latitude Longitude

Latitude 37.96197   Longitude -121.81423


Latitude Longitude  
Degree Minute Second N/S Degree Minute Second E/W

Latitude 37° 57' 43" N   Longitude 121° 48' 51" W

The Public Land Survey System (PLSS) is the surveying method used in the United States to divide real property.

It is regulated by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Common Names for this System of Land Surveying

  • Legal Land Description
  • Public Land Survey System
  • Rectangular Survey System
  • United States Public Land Survey
  • Rectangular System of Surveys
  • U.S. Government Survey
  • Official Government Survey
  • Township and Range System
  • "According to the Government Survey Thereof"

US Public Land Survey System - Principal Meridians and Base Lines
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US Public Land Survey System - Typical Section Subdivisions
US Public Land Survey System - Examples of Subdivision by Protraction
US Public Land Survey System - Original T1S R1E Mount Diablo Survey

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