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Military Grid Reference System

Convert MGRS / USNG to Latitude and Longitude

Grid Reference

  12U UA 84323 40791
  12U UA 84 40

Convert Latitude and Longitude to MGRS / USNG

GPS Location
Latitude Longitude

Latitude 50.00820   Longitude -112.61440

Latitude Longitude  
Degree Minute Second N/S Degree Minute Second E/W

Latitude 50° 00' 29.52" N   Longitude 112° 36' 51.84" W

United States National Grid (USNG) - Grid Zone Designations (GZD)
United States National Grid (USNG) - Grid Zone Designations (GZD)
Click for larger United States National Grid (USNG) Index Map with 6 x 8 Degree Grid Zone Designators

United States National Grid Index Map in PDF

United States National Grid Page at Federal Geographic Committee

Click for a large 4200 x 2200 World Map with MGRS Grid
World Map with MGRS Grid

(*)   Get GPS Location Function

Automatically fills in your current Latitude and Longitude.

Best Accuracy on devices with built in GPS chip such as a smart phone.

On Desktop Computers, Latitude and Longitude are a guesstimate by Google based on your IP address and the known locations of the nearest WIFI access points.

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