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Zone N/S Easting Northing Datum

  12N 384323 5540791

Convert Latitude and Longitude to UTM

GPS Location
Latitude Longitude

Latitude 50.00820   Longitude 112.61440


Latitude Longitude
Degree Minute Second N/S Degree Minute Second E/W

50° 00' 29" N   112° 36' 51" W
50° 00.49' N   112° 36.86' W

World map of UTM Grid Zones
UTM Zones

The Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) system divides the Earth into squares.

The squares are 6 degree "Zones" of longitude in width and 8 degree "Bands" of latitude in height.

Zone 1 starts at 180°W longitude and runs to Zone 60 at 180°E longitude.

Bands run from "C" at 80°S latitude to "X" at 84°N latitude. Letters "I" and "O" are not used to avoid confusion with the numbers one and zero.

The Easting is referenced from the center of the Zone (The Central Meridian) and starts at the number 500,000, not zero.

Eastings increase westwards from The Central Meridian and decrease eastwards. Eastings are never negative.

Northings increase northward from zero at the Equator and decrease southward. To prevent negative numbers south of the Equator, the value 10,000,000 is added.

These grid zones are uniform over the globe, except on the southwest coast of Norway and the region around Svalbard.

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