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Application Programming Interface

Java API

   • Android API for Legal Land Converter (Java)
Conversions for DLS, PLSS, NTS and MGRS


   • DLS Canada Dominion Land Survey
   • NTS Canada National Topographic System
   • FPS Canada Federal Permit System
   • PLSS USA Public Land Survey System

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface.

An API is a set of clearly defined methods that allows 2 applications to talk to each other.

Your application sends data to the legal land server and gets back results in a computer readable format.

The results are then further processed by your application and combined with your inhouse data to deliver actionable intelligence to your desktops and mobile devices.

This is all done quickly and automatically by the computers, without you or your staff rekeying data.


The server can process millions of API requests per day.

Response time is well under a second.

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