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Search Alberta Periodical for Corporate Registrations, Incorporations and Continuations; Corporate Name Changes, and other corporate notices required by Statute to be published.
Search Alberta Corporate Registrations

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Search Alberta Corporate Registrations

  • Corporate Registrations
  • Incorporations and Continuations
  • Corporate Name Changes
  • Other corporate notices required by Statute to be published


  • Search for the Coporate Name to find the Corporate number. Then search again with the Corporate Number to find the history across name changes and amalgamations.

Operating Instructions



Issue Registrar's Periodical Issue

From the dropdown, you can select All, A Single Year or a Single Issue.

'All' is the default. 'All' is used to find information about a single corporation.

Selecting the most recent issue and searching for "OIL" is useful to see recent growth and decline of a particular industry.

The Single Year and Single Issue are also useful to restrict large amounts of output.

Search output is halted after 50,000 lines. This easily displays an entire issue without any search parameters.

Maximum unrestricted output would be about 10 million lines -- which lockups all web browsers on all platforms.

Click here to see the app with the Issue Dropdown enabled.

Keyword Keyword Search

This searches all data for each entry, including, name, address, dates, corporation type and corporation number.

Partial Keyword

"Consultant", "Consultants", "Consulting" are three different words. Use the partial keyword "Consult" to match all 3.

"Society" and "Societies" are two different keywords. The partial keyword search "Societ" will match both words.

OR Function (|)

"Ltd" and "Limited" are two different words. The search phrase "Ltd | Limited" will match both.


The search phrase "Oil | Gas Consult" combines Partial Keywords with Combinations.


  • Alberta Gazette
    Registrar's Periodical
    Queen's Printer
    Government of Alberta
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