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As the Crow Flies

Calculate an ending latitude and longitude from a beginning latitude and longitude, a bearing and a distance.

Enter Beginning, Bearing & Distance


This is the beginning point.

Enter a latitude and longitude pair.

This converter accepts these formats

  1. Signed Degrees
    50.00820, -112.7128695
  2. Degrees
    50.00820 N 112.7128695 W
  3. Degrees, Minutes
    50° 00.49' N 112° 36.86' W
  4. Degrees, Minutes, Seconds
    50° 00' 29" N 112° 36' 51" W

Comma Seperator Optional

A comma may seperate latitude and longitude.

Degrees, Minutes & Seconds Symbols are Optional







The Words 'Latitude' and 'Longitude' are optional

eg: Latitude 50° 00' 29" N Longitude 112° 36' 51" W

Alternate Spellings

These abbreviations can be used

Longitude   Long.LongLng.Lng

eg: 50.00820 North 112.7128695 West

eg: 50.00820 N. 112.7128695 W.


This is the direction to move. There are three formats.

  1. Nautical: Directions start True North, which is zero and increase clockwise.
    The range is 0 to 360 degrees.
    eg: north = 0, east = 90, south = 180, west = 270
  2. Surveyor: The Compass is divided into 4 quadrants.
    Directions start at either North or South and proceed towards East or West.
    The range is 0 to 89 degrees.

  3. Cardinal are simply stated as words.
    North, South, East and West, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast.

Typing in the Degree Symbol ( ° ) From the Keyboard

In Windows, hold down Alt key and then type in 0176 and release the Alt key.

In Linux hold down Ctrl key and Shift key at the same time and then type in u+00b0. It will show the u00b0 as you type it. When you finish typing, release the Ctrl and Shift Keys, and the degree symbol will appear like so: °


This is the distance travelled or measured.

Units of Length

UnitAlternative Spellings
mile miles
furlong furlongs
chain chains chs. ch. chs ch
link links lks lk. lks. lk
rod rods
pole poles
perch perches
yard yards
foot feet ft. ft '
inch inches in. in "
meter meters
kilometer kilometers km km.
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